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10 Products To Trick Out Your Binge-Watching Space

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Streaming services have made it easier than ever to indulge in multi-episode binge sessions. Whether you’re finally giving in to the hype and watching “Yellowstone,” or you’re preparing to digest the new season of “The Crown” (coming in November 2022!), you need a cozy space to settle in for hours at a time.

“We’re spending more time at home, where streaming TV shows and movies is the new ‘going out,'” says Eilyn Jimenez, founder and creative director at Sire Design. “Having a TV room or dedicated space that gives homeowners all the comforts needed to enjoy that time continues to be a request for our [home design] projects.”

Not everyone has the budget for a home theater, but there are several home products that can make your TV area a binge-watching paradise. Take a look at the list below and add them to your cart before the new season of your favorite show drops.

1. Go for a big screen

Binge with a big screen.


Televisions are an investment, but if you’re interested in having the ultimate viewing experience, upgrade to a big screen that allows you to stream to your heart’s desire. To get the most out of your show binges, try a smart TV ($749, Walmart.com), where you’ll have easy access to all the streaming services you subscribe to.

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2. Use a couch cup holder

cup holder
Drinks within reach


Some TV room setups make it impossible to fit a small table on one side of your sofa. So where is your beverage supposed to live? Enter this brilliant accessory: the CouchCoaster ($25, Amazon.com).

3. Get a cinema feel with a Wi-Fi Mini Projector

mini projector
A home theater experience has never been easier.


Binge-watching your favorite show on your iPhone doesn’t quite capture the magic. If you want to live larger and prefer not to buy a TV, you can project your shows onto a wall or white sheet with a mini projector ($120, Amazon.com). Set up a makeshift cinema wherever your binge-watching takes you.


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4. Bring in the noise with a sound bar

Loud and proud


Nothing beats the speaker quality at the movies. But a sound bar ($329, Amazon.com) is about as close as you can get to a home theater experience. This audio tech gadget will make you feel like you’re in the middle of those fight scenes in “House of the Dragon” (the “Game of Thrones” prequel premiering this year).

5. Light it up and add ambiance

Let there be light.


“Lighting sets the tone of the room and, depending on what you’re watching, can add to the environment,” says Jimenez.


Make sure the vibes are right in your binge-watching room, with mood lighting ($148, Amazon.com) that can be mounted on the back of the TV and synced to the show you’re bingeing.

6. Get a cozy couch

Disappear into your couch.

Albany Park

Your plan is to plant yourself in front of the TV and not move for hours unless it’s to get more snacks or for a bathroom break, so, you’ll want a sofa that you can melt into.

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“Choose a deep sofa, as you’ll be seated for long periods of time,” says Jimenez.

If you want to sit on a cloud while also having seating options, consider a modular sofa ($3,520, Albanypark.com). It can be moved into different configurations, and it comes in seven colors to match your decor.

7. Pull out your folding tables

snack tables
Foldable tables are a must for a day of bingeing TV.

Urban Outfitters

The TV tray has come a long way since the 1950s. Now, you can find designs that are functional and stylish. Grab a couple of metal folding tables ($49, UrbanOutfitters.com) that can be pulled out for your TV binges and used to hold all your snacks.

Don’t want them taking up space when the TV’s off? Just fold them back up and store them away.

8. Satisfy your craving with a microwave popcorn popper

popcorn popper
Pop your own corn.


Popcorn is the ultimate TV marathon snack. But if you’re going to be spending a whole day snacking while watching a show, you might want to consider making something slightly healthier than a bag of buttery popcorn. This microwave popper ($16, Salbree.com) allows you to pop your own kernels and add as little—or as much—oil and salt as you desire.

9. Relax with a backrest pillow

backrest pillow
Sit in comfort.

Bed Bath & Beyond

With all that sitting you’re doing, you’re going to need some back support.

Consider this backrest pillow ($50, Bedbathandbeyond.com), which features a white faux sherpa exterior with charcoal plush accents.

10. Keep it comfy, with a blanket that means business

A blanket to cozy up with


Binge-watching your latest obsession can take you into the wee hours of the night, so you’ll want to keep a blanket handy to keep you warm. It also helps to have a blanket ($30, Etsy.com) that shows you’re totally aware of how lazy you’re being, while also fully embracing the fact that we all need a little TV binge every now and then.

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