July 1, 2022



Carlos Correa barely mentioned time with Astros in his Twins press conference

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In Carlos Correa’s introductory press conference with the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday morning, the subject of his seven years in Houston barely came out of his mouth. To be fair, the 16 questions he was asked in the 28-minute media session were almost entirely from Minnesota reporters asking about the future and not the past. Correa spoke glowingly of the Astros when he spoke with the Houston Chronicle’s Chandler Rome one-on-one after the press conference.

“It was pretty easy, honestly,” said Correa, who also had to convince his wife Daniella, who was born and raised in Texas, to move along with their baby boy Kylo, who was born in November. “Before this entire process of free agency once the season was over, my wife asked me how’s it going to be if we ever leave. I said, ‘Babe, what do we do on a daily basis when we’re in the middle of the season? We watch movies, we go eat in restaurants and now we take care of the baby. Every city in the United States has that. So, wherever we go, we’re going to be fine.’ When we put it into perspective and she saw it like that, she was like, ‘Oh, I guess you’re right.’ So, wherever life takes us, we’re going to be ready.”

Correa, who will switch from jersey No. 1 to No. 4 with the Twins, never mentioned Houston by name. The only time he said “Astros” was when he was asked if he had a relationship with any of the current Twins players and he brought up playing with outfielder Derek Fisher and pitcher Ralph Garza with the Astros.

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“Guys that I had a really good relationship with over there, so it’s good to see them here also,” Correa said.

He also referenced the Astros – though he called them “an organization” – when talking about the challenge of joining a Twins team that went 73-89 last season and have lost 18 straight playoff games.

“I want to take on that challenge,” Correa said. “It was not long ago when I was playing for an organization that was last in the big leagues the year before I got there, losing 100-plus games. I know what it takes to build a championship culture within the clubhouse, it starts within the clubhouse and goes all the way up to the front office. I see that here with the talent that we have and I see that we can get so much better in order to accomplish that goal to eventually win a championship.”

Correa didn’t shy away from praising the Astros organization when he talked to the Houston Chronicle after the press conference in Fort Myers, Fla.

“I’m just grateful for everyone in that organization,” Correa said. “They made me the player that I am today. They helped me grow into the person I am today. I only got great things to say about them.”

Over the weekend, Correa tweeted, “Love you Houston,” and Daniella posted a farewell to the city and to the Astros on Instagram.

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