June 26, 2022



Cinco Ranch residents become latest target of racist, late night flyers

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At least two more Houston-area neighborhoods fell victim to racist leaflet campaigns over the weekend, the latest in a spree of white supremacist propaganda scatterings to take place overnight in residential areas across the greater metro in recent months.

Neighbors in Cinco Ranch’s Oak Park Trails and Memorial Parkway subdivisions reported waking Sunday to bags filled with white power imagery and messages in their driveways and streets. Similar to previous scatterings, the vessels were weighed down with rocks and stuffed with slips of paper bearing slogans such as “I LOVE BEING WHITE” accompanying the image of a white dog and “We Are The Future” bannering a photo of Hitler Youth blowing trumpets and beating drums.

A resident in the area shared images of the flyers with Chron that were discovered outside his home near Katy. Nextdoor.com users closeby posted messages confirming racist flyers littered across their neighborhoods, and resident Diane Smith posted a still image of a white truck allegedly used by the perpetrators delivering the materials the night of the incident.

“The thugs that threw the bags with racist material weighted down with rocks in the Oak Park Trails driveways were driving a white pick-up,” Smith wrote. “We picked up many on our street and threw them in the trash. We don’t want you in our neighborhood!!!”

“Jerks did the same thing in my neighborhood night before last around 2am,” replied user Natalie G, adding to a host of reactions to Smith’s post. “Same vehicle. I hope they get caught.”

The Cinco Ranch scatterings follow the pattern of other recent propaganda campaigns conducted after dark in neighborhoods across the Greater Houston metro. In early February Cypress residents reported finding baggies filled with anti-Semitic messages, racist imagery and rocks in their driveways, and scatterings have since been confirmed in Atascocita and Houston Heights. Each incident follows a similar pattern, all occurring at night and featuring the same rotating selection of hateful images, slogans and web addresses.

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Perhaps the most significant unifying factor is the emergence of a white truck as the perpetrators’ apparent vehicle of choice for distributing the fliers. One Heights-area Nextdoor.com user posted video of individuals seemingly throwing baggies from a light-colored dual cab truck on the night of a large scattering of racist materials around 11th and Oxford. While far from clear, the vehicle looks strikingly similar to the one filmed in Cinco Ranch on Sunday morning.

Individuals in a light-colored truck were caught on film scattering racist literature across the Houston Heights in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

Individuals in a light-colored truck were caught on film scattering racist literature across the Houston Heights in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

Matt J / YouTube

Fort Bend police issued a statement Tuesday confirming the incident is under investigation.

“The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office is actively working on this case and it remains under investigation with no preliminary details available at this time,” the department stated. “As the investigation continues we plan to share more information.”

As first reported by the Houston Chronicle’s Claire Goodman, Fort Bend District Attorney Brian Middleton is investigating whether or not the flyers qualify as hate speech. “If there’s a direct threat to the person receiving the flyer, that’s a terroristic threat,” Middleton told Goodman.

However, flyers that carry Nazi Youth imagery may not be enough to merit prosecution, according to the district attorney. “We want the public to know we take this very seriously,” Middleton said, “and when free speech crosses into hate speech or a terroristic threat, we will be prosecuting.”

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