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East Texas man turns mobile home into large two-story tin ‘castle’ with scrap parts

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A man in East Texas has taken his mobile home and turned it into a large “tin castle,” with more than 20 rooms and most of it made out of tin and other pieces of salvage.

Wayne Fisher, 68, first started working on this project 45 years ago, according to KLTV.

Fisher said he started reading some do-it-yourself magazines and began reclaiming salvage from across the city of Tyler and fixing it up to add to his home. The home is located in the 13000 block of Highway 155, south of Loop 323.

He made friends with people who dealt with salvage and lumber across the city, and he was able to purchase those items from them.

“It turned out to be a life-long hobby,” Fisher told mySA.com. “It captivated my interest and I just went from there.”

Eighty percent of the home is taken from those pieces of salvage, he told KLTV, a project he’s done all by himself.

He used primarily corrugated barn tin on the outside, which makes the home look like a tin “castle,” he said. His goal was to make the outside of the building look like a barn.

“I’ve often been caught working up in the yard and somebody comes by and says that they would love to have a copy of my blueprints,” Fisher told KLTV, saying that all those blueprints are inside his head.

He said he’s now finished adding extra rooms to the property, but is now focused on finishing and furnishing the rest of the home. Fisher said maintenance on the home is an everyday job.

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The Smith County Appraisal District website said the assessed value of the home is about $69,000, but the market value of the home is $101,654, according to data from the 2015 tax year.

Fisher lives in this East Texas “castle” with his Boston terrier, who’s named Tyler.

Click through the slideshow to see more photos of the home.

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