June 27, 2022



Former Dodgers outfielder Steven Souza says more than half the league was cheating like Astros

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Add outfielder Steven Souza to the growing list of players who say the Astros weren’t the only team cheating in 2017. Souza would be in a position to know what was going on around the league, since he has played for five different big league clubs in his seven season in the majors. He’s currently in Class AAA for the Seattle Mariners, which would be his sixth different club if he gets promoted.

Souza – who has played for the Nationals, Rays, Diamondbacks, Cubs and Dodgers – made the declaration on Twitter on Monday night when he responded to a Dodgers fan who said he didn’t like Astros star Jose Altuve.

“I know you don’t wanna hear this but those Astro guys are actually some really good human beings over there,” Souza responded on Twitter.

Souza was with the Astros in spring training in 2021, but didn’t make it out of camp after going 2-for-21 in the spring and getting released before the season started. He signed with the Dodgers a week later and split time in the minors and majors, eventually playing 17 games with the Dodgers last season. He also appeared in six playoff games for Los Angeles.

A fan sarcastically replied the Astros probably are nice guys when they aren’t cheating, to which Souza replied, “I’m not going to get into to all that but you should know that if you think Houston was the only team with a sign stealing system you’re dead wrong.”

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Souza doubled down on that when a Mariners fan said how disappointed they were in Altuve.

“I hear you but if you only knew how many teams were doing it you wouldn’t be as mad at Jose Altuve,” Souza replied.

Souza later said he wasn’t even necessarily talking about any of his former teams.

“I’m not even talking about teams I played on, I’m talking about more than half the league,” Souza said.

The Astros were cheating by using a live video feed to steal opponents’ signs and then banging a trash can to relay those signs to their batters in real time. Earlier in 2017, the Boston Red Sox were also caught stealing signs with a live video feed, and they relayed those signs into the dugout by using an Apple Watch and those signs were then delivered to the batter.

A fan asked Souza if any of the other teams he says were cheating were using technology like the Astros and Red Sox.

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“Yep,” Souza simply replied.

Souza’s explanation of widespread cheating in baseball comes a week after Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale said he knows “for a fact” the Astros weren’t the only team cheating.

In October, former Oakland Athletics pitcher Chris Bassitt shared a similar sentiment about the Astros. 

“Houston was not the only team doing stuff. There was a lot of people doing stuff,” said Bassitt, who was traded to the Mets last month. “It was just fortunately, or unfortunately, only one team essentially got caught doing it or was the guinea pig of it, so yeah, clean the entire league up, but there was a lot going on.”

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