June 29, 2022



Greg Abbott alleges cartels use TikTok to recruit Texas teens

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“We’re finding here in San Antonio, Texas, a proliferation of cartels advertising on TikTok recruiting teenagers to assist the cartels in their crimes, whether it be smuggling people, smuggling drugs or other crimes,” the governor said during his roundtable. “That’s something that must stop.”

Abbott, who launched Operation Lone Star in March 2020 in an attempt to better secure the southern border, urged TikTok to do a better job of policing its channels. He said, “Stop allowing your platform to be used for cartels to advertise to recruit Texans or Americas to commit crimes aiding or abetting cartels.”

“Otherwise, TikTok, you are a part of a criminal enterprise,” Abbott stressed. 

During the roundtable, Abbott also discussed his border concerns, law enforcement at the border, bail reform, and funding for police departments. He called for a constitutional amendment to expand bail reform in Texas.

“Our law enforcement officers deserve more than gratitude – they deserve our support, which is why the State of Texas will always back the blue,” Abbott said. “We must never take for granted the service, sacrifice, and bravery of law enforcement, and I want every single member of law enforcement in Texas to know that they have a governor that has their back. We will continue to ensure that our law enforcement officers across the state have the support and resources they need to keep our communities safe.” 

The governor was joined at the roundtable by representatives from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department, the Texas Anti-Gang Center, the Metro Police Department, and the Southside Independent School District.

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