August 15, 2022


Houston neighborhood suffering from ‘worst smell’ after truck spills rotten cow intestines on road

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If you’re driving through north downtown Houston and smell something indescribably foul, you are likely...

If you’re driving through north downtown Houston and smell something indescribably foul, you are likely nearing the vicinity of a recent accidental dumping that has left a Bayou City intersection all but unlivable.

A KHOU report published Wednesday describes the aftermath of a load of cow intestines that was spilled from a moving truck at the intersection of Hardy Street and Cavalcade, leaving a gray trail of viscera baking on the asphalt in the summer heat. The overwhelming scent from the jettisoned innards spurred calls to the city on Wednesday, according to KHOU.

“I have not ever encountered anything like this before,” Houston resident Tahj Scott told KHOU. Scott said she drove through the spoiled bowels on her way to pick her daughter up from daycare and ended up with flies swarming the undercarriage of her car.

“This is a first, but definitely the worst smell I ever smelled,” Scott said.

City workers have since cleared the rotting guts, but the tang from the ejected entrails still permeates the air at the intersection.

“It’s horrible,” local Jerry Benoit told KHOU. “Most people are walking around gagging…It’s going to be here a while. It’s going to linger a little bit.”

The driver responsible for the spill had not been identified as of Wednesday. The incident is just the latest and smelliest Houston-area truck spill in recent memory. Last week a crash involving two semitrucks left 40,000 pounds of pineapples strewn across the southband lanes of Interstate 45 near the Montgomery and Walker County line. The incident was precipitated by a blowout that ripped one truck from its trailer. The loose trailer cut across the trailer of another truck and slashed the cargo area open, spilling its contents.

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Hazardous material teams worked through the night to clear the scene, which assuredly smelled much more tolerable than the pavement at Hardy and Cavalcade on Wednesday.


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