July 6, 2022



Josh Reddick fact-checks ESPN’s Buster Olney on Astros’ cheating scandal

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Josh Reddick, who played four years in Houston and currently is signed to play in the Mexican League, made sure to add two names to Olney’s clean list.

“Jose Altuve and Josh Reddick can be added to that list of not using it as well,” Reddick tweeted Monday afternoon.

Tony Adams did the Lord’s work after the Astros cheating scandal was revealed in 2020 when he went back and listened to every pitch from the 2017 Astros’ home games and recorded any banging noises he could detect during Astros’ at-bats. Those results showed that Kemp – who had just 39 plate appearances that season, including just 14 at home – indeed did not have any detectable trash can bangs while he was at the plate.

The next two players with the lowest number of trash can bangs while they were at the plate were Altuve and Reddick. According to Adams’ records, he listened to 886 pitches Altuve faced at home that season and detected just 24 bangs (2.7%). There were 28 bangs detected during Reddick’s 757 pitches (3.7%). Most players on the team had trash can bangs in about 15% of the pitches they saw, including Marwin Gonzalez who had the highest percentage of regular players with 147 bangs on 807 pitches (18.2%). Beltran’s number was similarly high with 138 bangs on 735 pitches (18%).

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The clearing of the name for Altuve and Reddick is consistent with what Carlos Correa told the media after Major League Baseball released the results of its investigation into the Astros. Correa admitted to using the trash-can banging system but said that Altuve, Reddick and Kemp didn’t want it used during their at-bats.

“I remember one time somebody banged the trash can without (Altuve’s) consent when he was hitting. I don’t remember if he got a hit or got out. I just remember he was heated,” Correa said in this February 2020 Houston Chronicle story. “And you guys don’t see Altuve mad very often. But you don’t want to see him mad. When he gets mad, he’s heated. He’s going to tell you whatever he feels and whatever he wants to say. I remember him heated every time somebody would accidentally or without his consent would bang on the trash can.”

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