August 14, 2022


July National Auto Sales Results: Ford Tops Toyota

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July sales are in from the automakers that report on a monthly basis and it...

July sales are in from the automakers that report on a monthly basis and it would appear the industry was down 14% among those.

It appears Ford and Lincoln found some microchips somewhere, and they posted some nice increases from July 2021, about the only bright spot on this report.  Acura and Honda were both hit hard due to the chip shortage.  Genesis showed a slight uptick in sales versus a year ago.

The increase for Ford was enough to propel them over Toyota for the month of July by a slim margin, but after those two, sales drop off sharply.

We will have a complete report at the end of September when all car companies will report 3rd quarter sales.

Here are the automakers that reported sales for July 2022 and how they did versus July 2021:


       July 2022   % Change July 2021
1. Ford 155,761    36%
2. Toyota  153,288     21%
3. Honda   65,162     46%
4. Kia   62,449     11%
5. Hyundai  60,631     11%
6. Subaru 41,536   17%
7. Lexus   24,053   23%
8. Mazda  23,393   29%
9. Lincoln 6,968   65%
10. Volvo 6,858   41%
11. Acura   6,073   59%
       12. Genesis         5,203            .04%


F-150 Lightning Sales

This week, Ford also shared news it’s now delivered F-150 Lightings to customers in all 50 states.  The automaker says Texas and California  lead the way with the highest number of F-150 Lightning deliveries through late July.  In July, Ford also says the Lightning delivered its best month since launch.

tammy-jeff-alaska-credit-ford-lightningJeff and Tammy Head with F-150 Lightning – Alaska. Credit: Ford.

Ford says one of the truck’s most popular – and most-photographed – features so far is the Mega Power Frunk. 

Texas-Using Pro Power Onboard-credit-fordEmre Gol using Pro Power Onboard – Texas. Credit: Ford.

Ford says it’s sold over 4,400 F-150 Lightning electric trucks in the US and Canada, year-to-date.

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