June 27, 2022



Just Brittany clears up any confusion over ‘Not Houston Freestyle’

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It’s nothing unusual for Just Brittany to hear new music, then take the beat and put her own spin on things. That’s what Houston’s born-and-raised recording artist did when she heard Omerettà The Great rapping about her disdain for out-of-towners claiming Atlanta. Thus, Just Brittany’s “Not Houston Freestyle” was born.

It wasn’t until she opened Google to search for something the next day that she realized what she posted was more than just your ordinary 123-second YouTube clip. Staring back at her right on the Google home page was a photo of her looking through her pink sunglasses with a headline blaring, “Just Brittany picks fight with suburbs in ‘Not Houston’ freestyle.” (Full disclosure: That was our story that hit the Google homepage like that).

“To see my name be the first thing that pops up when you open Google, it was like, ‘Wow.’ That was a nice thing to see,” Just Brittany said in a phone interview Friday.

Her song going viral blew up her social media mentions – she has nearly 700,000 followers on Instagram – but not all of it came from a positive place. That’s what happens when you call out 12 different locations in the area and make sure each and every one of them realizes they’re “Not Houston.”

“I didn’t know there would be such an uproar,” Just Brittany said. “I knew people were going to be talking, but not in such a negative way. It’s all good. Any time my name is in their mouth, that’s promo.”

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Over the phone, Just Brittany is friendly and polite even as she throws some darts at her haters – “It’s just a form of jealousy,” she says in a verbal head-pat to the negative commenters – but she is quick to clear up a misconception: The song was purely for entertainment and not a personal attack on anybody or where they live. Her mentioning Missouri City as “Not Houston” wasn’t a slug at “The Mo City Don” Z-Ro, with whom she had a tempestuous relationship – to say the least – in the past. And, the Port Arthur reference certainly wasn’t aimed at Bun B. That was a popular online conspiracy since Just Brittany wasn’t part of H-Town Takeover at NRG Stadium when Bun B brought out a never-ending list of local rap royalty to join him at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo in front of more than 73,000 fans a couple weeks before her “Not Houston Freestyle” hit.

“I didn’t even think about the rodeo when I did that song, to be honest,” Just Brittany said. “People try to put your life together through highlights. They take one second of this and one second of that, and they’re like ‘Oh! This is the reason, she did this.’ But, no. I’ve been re-making songs. This wasn’t something new or different for me. I would have loved to have been part of the Houston Takeover, but at the end of the day, it is what it is. Everyone who was there, was supposed to be there, and kudos to them.”

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Ironically, Just Brittany actually lives in Atlanta these days, but makes it back to town as often as she can for holidays and to see her nieces and nephews. She’s currently preparing to drop a couple new singles – “A Whole Lotta Ass” (“I don’t know if they’ll let you write that,” she laughs) and “Take Your Time” – and is working on her eighth album. She’ll also be back in town next week as a presenter at a local awards show.

No matter where Just Brittany lives – she grew up in Fifth Ward and went to Worthing High School before graduating as valedictorian from Jesse Jackson Academy, a couple blocks from the University of Houston campus – she says she’ll always be Houston.

“Houston is a culture,” Just Brittany said. “All those cities that I named that aren’t Houston, they definitely played a major role in my career. I performed at every city that I said. I’ve visited each city that I said. I didn’t mean to piss anyone off. I love those cities, I made a lot of money in those cities, so it was all fun and entertainment.”

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