June 29, 2022



Megan Thee Stallion faces backlash for ‘Encanto’ remix

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Megan Thee Stallion made Oscars history Sunday, becoming the first female rapper to perform at the Academy Awards. However, her achievement was overshadowed by some viewers who were disappointed with the Houston Hottie’s new rap addition to the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Disney’s “Encanto.”

Thee Stallion had just performed at the Afro Nation Festival in Puerto Rico less than 24 hours prior but made a surprise appearance during the first-ever live rendition of the hit song written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Afterward, the musician took to Twitter to celebrate the feat, writing “I’m definitely in grind mode.”

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno’s” new rap verse was tailored to Hollywood’s biggest night, including a shoutout to “Euphoria” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home” star Zendaya and co-hosts Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes. 

“Magic everywhere, stars everywhere, I know you see Oscar’s Zendaya over there,” Thee Stallion rapped in a yellow-gold gown as she made her way to the colorful stage alongside performers Becky G, Luis Fonsi and Encanto cast members Adassa, Stephanie Beatriz, Mauro Castillo, Carolina Gaitan and Diane Guerrero. 

Becky G, Megan Thee Stallion and Luis Fonsi perform "We Don't Talk About Bruno" from Disney's "Encanto" at the 94th Academy Awards. 

Becky G, Megan Thee Stallion and Luis Fonsi perform “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Disney’s “Encanto” at the 94th Academy Awards. 

ABC/ABC via Getty Images

Thee Stallion also added a line about her alter ego Tina Show and claimed that one day an Academy Award statue would be hers. “Believe I’m up next,” she spit. “I’m coming for that gold. You can add it to my shelf. Academy Award.”

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” topped the Billboard Hot 100 for five weeks, becoming only the second Disney animated film to achieve the feat. Despite the song’s popularity, it failed to get a nomination for “Best Original Song” at this year’s Oscars. However, “Dos Oruguitas” from the same Encanto soundtrack was submitted for consideration. 

Because of the snub, some viewers felt that the original song should have been performed in its entirety. Some of the song’s most iconic verses, including those from fan favorite characters Dolores and Camilo, were cut in order to include Megan. Tweets criticizing the performance garnered thousands of interactions overnight.

“Did…did Megan just remix we don’t talk about Bruno? I mean I love me some Megan but what was that?” tweeted one user.”They can’t even do ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ correctly I am at my limit,” tweeted another user.

Others felt the additional performers outside of the cast were unnecessary and “ruined” the song. “I’m sorry but [Megan] Thee Stallion, Becky G and Luis Fonsi ruined the we don’t talk about Bruno performance at the Oscars they should have just let the original singers perform the song.”

“Not sure what that was, but it sure wasn’t ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno,'” wrote another user. Another user called it the “worst remix ever.” Here are some more reactions:

Some viewers said they enjoyed the remix despite being caught off guard by Megan’s rendition. “[Putting] meg in this performance of we don’t talk about bruno was INSPIRED,” tweeted user @itszaeok. “SHE CAN REALLY DO IT ALL. MEGAN THEE STALLION EVERYONE,” tweeted @HOUSTONHOTTIEJR. Actress Kerry Washington chimed in, tweeting “I guess we don’t HAVE to talk about Bruno but can we talk about Thee Stallion!?!”

Megan has not responded to any of the online backlash, but after her performance tweeted “Nothing distracting us this year ladies ! Hot girl summer loadingggggg.” She also retweeted a meme dubbing her “Megan Thee Stallion Madrigal,” after the surname of “Encanto’s” magical family.

“Encanto” was nominated for three Academy Awards and went on to win Best Animated Feature Film.


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