July 6, 2022



Round Top bakery wins Megan Thee Stallion’s pie challenge, as she releases her own H-Town Hottie pie

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Jamie and JB Royer, owners of Royers Cafe in Round Top, were having a normal evening eating Taco Bell with their kids on Monday when they received an email from Goldbelly: They had won Megan Thee Stallion’s pie challenge.

The Royers didn’t even know their White Texas Trash Pie would be featured in an Instagram video for the launch of the Houston rapper’s own pie, the H-Town Hottie. But the dessert impressed her and came out on top, among eight other pies in the competition from bakeries around the country.

“We were completely blown away, we had no idea,” Jamie told Chron. She added that she wasn’t very familiar with Megan Thee Stallion—”I live under a rock”—but her kids assured her this was a huge deal.

Royers Cafe actually had two pies in the competition, both of which Megan loved. The Texas Trash Pie has chocolate chips, pecans, caramel, coconut, graham crackers and pretzels; the White Texas Trash Pie is the same but with white chocolate.

When the regular pie came up, it already appeared to be a winner.

“B-tch I couldn’t even tell you all the ingredients that’s in here, but they working together very well,” said Megan Thee Stallion in the video, after nodding several times in approval and pumping the air with her fork. “They having a body party in my mouth right now.”

Toward the end, the white chocolate version was presented to her, to which she said simply: “Oooh, my spirit.” She then did a little dance, waving her arms around and snapping her fingers. “Killing,” she finally proclaimed.

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The pie competition on Goldbelly’s Instagram was timed both for the release of “Sweetest Pie” by Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa (who visited Houston last weekend), and the launch of the Houston artist’s H-Town Hottie Pie, a pecan pie with coconut, butterscotch chips and a dusting of edible gold. It’s available to ship on Goldbelly for $59.

It was also Pi Day. The Royers had been on FOX 26 earlier that day making the same pie for the occasion.

The bakery had a lot of orders for the pie come through when the Goldbelly video posted, as well as for their newly released cookbook, “Cooking with JB & Jamie: Royers Round Top Cafe.”

“We were super excited,” said JB. “We were literally calling everyone last night telling everyone about it.”

He told his staff to prep for a boost in pie sales, but the Royers team is already gearing up for the Round Top Antiques Show, the biggest event of the year for the small town and a boon to local businesses, which begins this week.

Megan Thee Stallion had a final word to the winners and her fellow Texans before the video wrapped up: “Shout out to Texas, y’all know exactly how to make my taste buds dance.”

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