June 26, 2022



T-Pain reschedules Dallas concert in Deep Ellum due to ‘safety concerns’

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T-Pain’s “Road to Wiscansin Tour” appears to be taking a detour around Dallas’ Deep Ellum district, according to a video the rapper posted to Instagram on Tuesday.

The rapper-turnt-sanga updated his Texas fans on the state of his Dallas concert, an event he’d previously called out in an April TikTok for recording the poorest ticket sales of any city on his national tour. Responses to the video, in which T-Pain exclaimed, “What the f–k, Dallas?” and questioned if he’d done something to earn the city’s ire, included blaming violence in the area near the venue as a chilling factor in sales.

“Well, I know what you’re thinking, and I don’t have time for ‘I-told-you-sos’ right now, but what the f–k, Dallas?” the rapper said in Tuesday night’s video post.

A popular Dallas bar and restaurant district with more than 30 live music venues, Deep Ellum has seen a number of shootings in 2022 that have shaped negative perceptions of the area for some. Early Friday morning, two men were killed and three were wounded in a shooting in the 2800 block of Elm Street as clubs closed for the night. T-Pain noted the shooting as the tipping point in his decision to switch his Dallas concert’s venue and date.

“First and foremost, man, I want to send my condolences out to the families of people who lost their lives the other day,” T-Pain said. “I know y’all told me. I know what y’all said. I appreciate y’all for giving me a heads up. I appreciate the mayor stepping in and trying to reassure me, but we got to reschedule…it’s just that time.”

“It’s only right for the safety of me, my fans, my team and everybody around that spot,” T-Pain said. “We’re rescheduling the whole thing and moving it to a different venue. We’re gonna move it to Texas Trust…thank you, Dallas. Thank you for the heads up.”

The new venue, Texas Trust CU Theatre, is west of the city and far from the original Deep Ellum venue The Factory, which is located roughly three blocks from the site of Friday’s deadly shooting. The rescheduled show is slated for June 24. 



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