June 26, 2022



Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza comes back after being removed from menu in 2020

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Taco Bell taketh away and Taco Bell giveth back: The Mexican Pizza is returning to the menu very soon.

Many will remember the fast-food chain’s betrayal in September 2020, when it was announced that Mexican Pizza would be removed from the menu. The news dropped a mere six months into the pandemic—had we not suffered enough?

Fans of Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza were devastated. They quickly launched the trending hashtag #SaveTheMexicanPizza and even a Change.org petition, which earned 171,735 signatures and now has its status changed to “Victory.”

Over the weekend, none other than singer Doja Cat announced the return of the Mexican Pizza on stage at Coachella. Taco Bell posted a video on TikTok of her performing at the music festival, jumping up and down and screaming into the microphone: “I brought back the Mexican Pizza by the way!”

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is built with two crispy flour tortilla shells. Between them is a mix of ground beef and refried beans; the top shell is layered with pizza sauce, tomatoes and a blend of three melted cheeses. The delicacy costs $4.49.

A vegetarian version is available without the beef. While the loss was felt across the board, the Mexican Pizza was especially popular among Indian Americans, many of whom have a vegetable-centric diet.

“Taco Bell introduced an option for families like ours to join in the very American tradition of grabbing a cheap fast-food meal,” wrote Foram Mehta on Grub Street in one of many think pieces about the topic.

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This was not the first time Taco Bell removed a popular item from its menu. The Nachos Supreme, Spicy Tostada and 7-Layer Burrito all suffered a similar fate.

The Mexican Pizza returns to Taco Bell menus nationwide on May 19. Texas has the second-most locations of any state, behind California. There are more than 150 Taco Bells in the Houston area.


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