June 27, 2022



Upset Tesla fans told to disperse after trying to gain entry to Elon Musk’s Austin ‘Cyber Rodeo’ party

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Some Tesla fans are sore over how they were treated after attempting to noodle their way into an invite-only party at the electric vehicle manufacturer’s new Texas Gigafactory in Austin on Thursday night.

Dubbed the “Cyber Rodeo,” the event was pumped up on Twitter by Tesla founder Elon Musk as a grand christening of the company’s Texas facilities. The event featured an invite-only 15,000-person guest list for employees, supporters and friends of the company. 

Confusion spread, however, as some individuals seemingly invited to the shindig began lobbying Musk on Twitter for additional plus-ones to the event, leading Musk to tweet “the door will not be super strict” on Thursday.

For some fans, this remark signaled a go-ahead for Tesla supporters to show up and try to gain entry without an invite, and images began circulating Thursday of individuals standing outside the facility looking to join those entering the party. 

One group of Tesla diehards gathered on the edge of the facility prior to the event only to be asked by security to disperse. Twitter user Brandon Smith posted video of the exchange, characterizing the incident as “very low” behavior from the company. A security official can be seen asking the gathered individuals to vacate the private grounds.

“You’re saying we got to go?” a fan asks.

“You got to go,” the security guard replies.

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“You understand where we’re coming from,” the fan says. “When Elon says the door isn’t going to be super strict…give it three hours, if the doors here open everyone is going to want to stand in line, you know, orderly…”

“If you’re not invited, you’re not getting in today,” the guard replied. “It’s not going to happen. So I need everybody to leave now, please.” 

No arrests appeared to have been made in the run-up to the event, and Smith posted his disappointment with the situation.

“To be clear we listened and dispersed,” Smith wrote. “Just sad to shoo all your loyal fans and investors away at the gate rather than let us stand in the field of dirt a half mile from the factory for a small chance at getting in.”

The event saw Musk take the stage in a Tesla Roadster prototype and deliver an address to party attendees coronating the new Texas facility.

“Why Austin?” Musk asked rhetorically, according to the Austin-American Statesman’s Kara Carlson. “California’s great and we were expanding there, but we ran out of room. We needed a place where we can be really big and there’s no place like Texas.”

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