June 27, 2022



Watch 6-year-old Oliver try to ‘steal’ second base at Astros game

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Instead of running to the temporary base set up on the warning track, the boy got some help from Jose Altuve and Mauricio Dubon in trying to take a real base

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The Astros got a big win over the Mets on Tuesday night, but the highlight of the game came from 6-year-old Oliver Richard from Mont Belvieu.

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Before the seventh inning of the Astros’ 8-2 victory, Oliver was picked to go on the field and “steal a base.” The promotion involves a child racing against the clock to run to a base temporarily set up on the warning track in the outfield. Oliver wasn’t having anything to do with that temporary base. Instead, he went for a real one.

The boy, who lives about 30 miles east of Minute Maid Park, raced to second base and tried to pull it up from the ground. Astros second baseman Jose Altuve and shortstop Mauricio Dubon even came over to help him, but those bags are secured pretty solidly in the ground. 

“We thought it would be funny to give him the bag, but it wasn’t going anywhere,” Dubón told the Associated Press’ Kristie Rieken. “That was fun, though.”

Eventually, Dubon and Altuve convinced him to go get the bag in right field. When Altuve pointed him in the right direction, Oliver took off to get the temporary base as the crowd of more than 35,000 cheered him on.

Oliver, wearing an Astros’ Space City jersey, even stuck around the field for high fives from the suddenly adoring crowd before members of the Astros’ Shooting Stars hurried him off the field so the game could resume.

The bar has been set really high for future steal-a-base promotions. Do you best, kids.

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