July 6, 2022



Why Carlos Correa switched to jersey No. 4 with Minnesota Twins

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Besides the obvious shock for Astros fans seeing Carlos Correa wearing a Minnesota Twins jersey, it’s also quite jarring to not see the familiar No. 1 on his back. Correa will wear No. 4 in Minnesota, which led his agent Scott Boras to rely on his penchant for puns and nicknames.

Correa said there was no special meaning behind the change.

“Just a new chapter, new number,” Correa said. “I like No. 4, so there’s not much meaning to it. Just a new chapter, new team, new number.”

No. 1 is not one of the Twins’ nine retired uniform numbers – 3: Harmon Killebrew, 6: Tony Oliva, 7: Joe Mauer, 10: Tom Kelly, 14: Kent Hrbek, 28: Bert Blyleven, 29: Rod Carew, 34: Kirby Puckett and 42: Jackie Robinson – but 26-year-old utility player Nick Gordon does wear it for the Twins currently.

When news broke of the Twins signing Correa, teammates gave Gordon a hard time about having to give up his jersey number and how hard he should negotiate with Correa – who signed with the Twins for three years and $105.3 million, giving him the highest annual salary for an infielder in baseball history – to relinquish the number.

“I’m probably terrible,” Gordon told The Athletic’s Dan Hayes of his negotiating skills Saturday. “We’ll see how it works.”

Apparently, no negotiations were necessary. Correa simply switched numbers.

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